Strengthening the ties between the United States, United Kingdom, and the English speaking world.

  • NATO is more relevant than ever, but its actions remain subject to Putin’s interpretation.  
  • Continuum of international support for Russia underscores varied domestic security and economic concerns. 

 ​By The Arkin Group

Ukraine Invasion Update: Institute for the Study of War, Russia Team with the Critical Threats Project, AEI
The Ukraine Invasion Update is a semi-weekly synthetic product covering key political and rhetorical events related to renewed Russian aggression against Ukraine. This update covers events from March 30-April 1. All of the ISW Russia’s team’s coverage of the war in Ukraine—including daily military assessments and maps, past Conflict Updates, and several supplemental assessments—are available on our Ukraine Crisis Coverage landing page.  

Ongoing peace talks will likely protract, and the Kremlin is unlikely to withdraw its main demands in the near future.

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When Vladimir Putin escalates his war, the world must meet him
 ​By The Economist

Marvel at the heroism and resilience of Ukraine. In the first days of war, the armoured might of Vladimir Putin shrivelled before the courage of the nation he had attacked. In the face of Mr Putin’s invasion, the Ukrainian people have discovered they are ready to die for the idea that they should choose their own destiny. To a cynical dictator that must be incomprehensible. To the rest of humanity it is an inspiration.    
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Queen Elizabeth Makes a Rare Private Donation to Ukraine’s Refugees
 ​By Erin Vanderhoof

Though Queen Elizabeth has not spoken publicly about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she has expressed her feelings about the situation with one significant action. On Thursday, the U.K. charity Disasters Emergency Committee announced that the queen made a donation to support their fundraising efforts.     
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Putin Has Ensured His Own Downfall
 ​By  Jack Devine

Vladimir Putin believes he is resurrecting Russia from the ashes of the Soviet Union. He has established an organized state with vast oil wealth, $635 billion in cash reserves, a largely autonomous economy, and a new and historic strategic accord with China.  Through his aggressive record of Russian intelligence interference in Western politics, this spymaster president has honed his covert-action playbook.     
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