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Election polls UK: latest opinion polls show Conservatives in two point lead
Lord Ashcroft poll gives a two point lead for Tories but YouGov and Populus polling and predictions for May 5 show both parties neck-and-neck  

By Michael Wilkinson

May 5, 2015 
 The Conservatives have a two point lead over Labour in the latest Lord Ashcroft poll but the two parties are neck-and-neck in YouGov and Populus polls.  Lord Ashcroft's national poll shows the Conservatives down four points but still leading Labour who are unchanged:    CLICK HERE  

Now Theresa is more popular than Maggie! New poll reveals May gets the highest score EVER on who is best for No 10 beating both Thatcher and Blair​​
By Tim Sculthorpe, Deputy Political Editor For Mailonline

Theresa May has been backed as the best person to be Prime Minister by 61 per cent of voters, outscoring the highest recorded ratings of Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair.  Mr Blair secured a score of 52 per cent at his highest point and Mrs Thatcher managed 48 per cent in the Ipsos Mori survey.  Each leaders was tested against their opponents of the day. While Mrs May has the highest personal score on the test, Mr Blair held a bigger lead over William Hague.    This poll shows Mrs May crushing her rival Jeremy Corbyn by 38 points after he was backed for No 10 by just 23 per cent of people.  The new poll, for today's Evening Standard, showed the Conservative Party was on 49 per cent and Labour 26 per cent.