Lunchtime Briefing on the US-Russia Relationship

Nile Gardiner, Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, Heritage Foundation 
To discuss the recent UK election and challenges in the Trump era 
THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2017 

June 28th - 7th Annual Winston Chruchill Dinner​

Strengthening the ties between the United States, United Kingdom, and the English speaking world.

The Anglosphere Society was honored to host a luncheon discussion with Lord David Alton on the plight of Christians in the Middle East.  

Lord Alton is a leading voice in the UK Parliament on the issue of human rights and is the author of twelve books on the subject of ethics, faith, and values.

Global Relations: The Re-Set in the Trump Era

 MEP Daniel Hannan on Monday, March 13th at a Reception and program on the topic of "The United Kingdom: The Front of the Queue in the Trump Era." 

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