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Pakistan’s Anti-Semitism May Be a Ticking (Nuclear) Time Bomb
By Farahnaz Ispahani and Johnnie Moore

“Did we make atomic bombs to show them in a museum? We don’t need missiles, atomic bombs or a huge army if they can’t be used to liberate Palestine,” said the member of parliament amidst the 11 day conflict between the State of Israel and Hamas terrorists last month.

Exactly what you’d expect coming from the Islamic Republic of Iran, right?    Well, in this case, you would be wrong.  
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Iraqi Christian Relief Council urges Trump to create safe zones – not only prioritized resettlement for Assyrian Christians in Iraq
Kelsie Wendelberger, Director of Communications

WASHINGTON, DC, Jan. 28, 2017 —  In light of the Trump administration’s executive order on refugees and immigrants, Iraqi Christian Relief Council requests the creation of a safe zone in Iraq to preserve the homeland of Assyrian Christians, also known as Chaldean and Syriac, and other ethnic and religious minorities.   Read More - Click Here​​​

The Closing of the Cultural Mind? 
By Giulio Meotti

In the West, books and documentaries have been cancelled. In France, recently, a group of intellectuals published a manifesto asking the Islamic world to eliminate anti-Semitic verses from the Koran. The initiative followed the murder of an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor, Mireille Knoll. The Turkish Council of Higher Education responded with a moratorium on establishing additional departments of French studies in Turkey.      Read More - Click Here​​​

The West's Crimes against Persecuted Minorities in the Middle East
By Judith Bergman

The debate in Western Europe about the rights of returning Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists reflects a disturbing sentiment: There appears to be tremendous concern for the well-being of people who decided to leave their native or adopted countries to pledge allegiance to ISIS, the followers of which perpetrated some of the most gruesome crimes committed in this or any century.     
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Christians ‘excluded’ from Iraq’s reconstruction plans

Christians are being excluded from the reconstruction plans for northern Iraq, further eroding the likelihood of their return once Islamic State has been militarily defeated there, an alliance of UK-based charities has warned.  Iraqi Christians firmly believe that Iraq is their spiritual homeland; their presence dates back at least to the 3rd Century.     Read More - Click Here​​​

Syrian Refugees Not Welcome in Eastern Europe   
By Neli Esipova and Julie Ray

Though the flow of Syrian refugees into Europe has slowed since 2015, hundreds of thousands of Syrians were still seeking asylum there last year.  If many in Eastern Europe had their way, however, the number would be zero. In nine out of 15 Eastern European countries and areas surveyed in 2016, at least half the population believed their country should not accept any Syrian refugees.  Many of the countries with the strongest opposition to allowing Syrian refugees are located along the Balkan route that once channeled asylum seekers from Greece to Germany.      Read More - Click Here​​​

 War Crimes In North East Syria Raised Again In Parliament On October 24th. And Antony Loyd’s Report From The Times That ISIS Flags Are Flying Again Over ISIS Camps.
By Lord Alton of Liverpool

My Lords, having said that, has the noble Baroness had a chance to read the report in this morning’s Times by Anthony Loyd that the ISIS flag has again been flying above the al-Hawl camp where 68,000 family members of ISIS are held? Has she also yet had a chance to evaluate the list that I sent to her department naming jihadists who are now fighting alongside the Turkish army?  
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Faras Ghani of Al Jazeera has produced a powerful report about the 4.5 million people- many of them children, and many from Dalit and Christian minorities- forced to work in Pakistan’s 20,000 brick kilns. You can read it here.
By Lord Alton of Liverpool

Faras Ghani  of Al Jazeera has produced a powerful report about the 4.5 million people- many of them children, and many from Dalit and Christian minorities- forced to work in Pakistan’s 20,000 brick kilns.   The Global Slavery Index estimates there were almost 25 million people trapped in forced labour with Pakistan – with 3.1 million- eighth on the list.   
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Egypt’s Islamists and Pope Francis
By Nervana Mahmoud

“The Pope of Terrorism” ____ a hashtag used by Islamists on Twitter to comment on Pope Francis’s recent visit to Egypt. Despite his clear message of tolerance, fraternity, and co-existence, and his commitment to forge closer Muslim-Christian ties, political Islamists view the Catholic Pope as the enemy, showering him with hatred and unfounded accusations. While the Pope hoped his trip could help peace and inter-religious dialogue, and spoke unambiguously in support of dignity and rights for all, his words, however, fell on deaf ears among Islamists.     Read More - Click Here​​​

Getting the Christmas Point 
Kathryn Jean Lopez

It’s a time to remember persecuted Christians in the Middle East — and tell their story to the world.

 ‘Why do people go to church on Christmas?” It was one of the questions passersby asked as they noticed the security line before midnight Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Christmas Eve. There were some colorful things said, as well, as you might imagine after 10 p.m. on a Saturday night in the Big Apple. And there were also some who mistook the crowd on Madison Avenue as a very long line for the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. But the enhanced security — with New York’s and counterterrorism’s finest all around — did become an opportunity for solidarity with those whose lives are at risk simply for what they believe.

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Camp guards forced to shoot as mob of Isis women attacks
By Louise Callaghan

Isis brides — some of them armed — rioted in their refugee camp three days ago as the “caliphate” they remain loyal to entered its death throes.   
Outnumbered guards at the al-Hol camp in northern Syria were besieged in their base by the shrieking mob.  
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Despite Egypt’s Dismal Human Rights Record, U.S. Restores Military Aid
By Declan Walsh

CAIRO — Egypt’s jail population has swelled. New prisoners include a Lebanese tourist who complained about Egypt on Facebook; a democracy activist who spoke out about sexual harassment; and a visiting grad student from an American university who was arrested as he researched the judiciary.  Read More - Click Here​​​

How Will U.S. Policy Affect Middle East's Christians in 2017?
Mark Pattison, Catholic News Service

A wide variety of issues, both domestic and foreign, have been raised during the presidential transition. One that hasn’t received much notice is the situation of the beleaguered Christian community in the Middle East.   Given the interest in, and media coverage of, those other issues, it’s an open question as to just what the United States would do for the Middle East’s Christian minorities under the presidential administration of Donald J. Trump. 
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Thousands of Muslim Women Raped, Tortured, Killed in Syrian Prisons
By Bassam Tawil

For Palestinian women in Syria, there was no reason to celebrate International Women's Day, an event commemorated around the world earlier this month.   
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Pope Francis, and the West, Should Be Wary of the UAE’s Tolerance Agenda
By Nina Shea   (Nina Shea is a Board Member of TAS)

The papal visit is a breakthrough for religious tolerance in the heart of the Muslim world, but severe problems there persist.

On Sunday, February 3, history was made when Pope Francis landed in the United Arab Emirates, marking the first time any pope has been permitted to set foot anywhere on the Arabian Peninsula in over a thousand years. 

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Muslim Persecution of Christians
Raymond Ibrahim

Muslim attacks on Christian churches are on the rise all around the world -- including in America. The worst occurred last month when a bomb exploded in Egypt’s St. Peter’s Cathedral, killing 28, mostly women and children. Preliminary investigations had indicated that a woman entered the church, sat in the women’s section, and then left an unattended purse that later detonated. Later reports asserted that, although others were involved, including one Muslim woman, a male suicide-bomber was the chief culprit (graphic pictures of his remains here).     Read More - Click Here​​​

Iraq’s grisly liberation
Mindy Belz

Areas freed from the Islamic State’s grip display the depth of the terror group’s war crimes. As Iraqi forces continue that fight, American aid groups are staking out front-line positions, too     Read More - Click Here​​​

Our heroic interpreters, embassy staff, and aid workers in Afghanistan
By Lord Alton of Liverpool

I raised the plight of our heroic interpreters in #Afghanistan today, and urged UK government to ensure their resettlement and protection ...

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Austria Calls for Closure of Mediterranean Route After 9,000 Migrants Ferried to Europe at Easter
By Virginia Hale

Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka has called for the European Union (EU) to seal the Mediterranean route after 9,000 migrants were ferried from Africa during Easter weekend.  The minister told local media that closing the route and securing Europe’s external borders “is the only way to end the tragic and senseless dying in the Mediterranean.     Read More - Click Here​​​

Muslim Aversion to Non-Muslim Rule and the Jakarta Riots

 Mark Durie

Violence between protesters and police in Jakarta broke out Friday night, November 4, 2016, when an estimated 200,000 Muslims emerged from Friday prayers in mosques to rally outside the Indonesian president's palace. Clashes with police led to tear gas being used on demonstrators, and Indonesia's president, Joko Widodo, had to postpone his planned visit to Australia to deal with the crisis.

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Iraqi Christian Relief Council supports the creation of a Nineveh Plain Province
Contact Nicole Foy

Iraqi Christian Relief Council stands with Iraq’s persecuted religious and ethnic minorities native to the fertile Nineveh Plain north east of Mosul who demand a recognized and protected safe-haven in the form of a new federal province within Iraq. Nineveh Plain minorities are calling on the international community to uphold a 2014 Iraqi Council of Ministers decision promising a stand alone province for Iraq’s rapidly disappearing Nineveh Plain minorities.

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