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Is the World Ignoring a Christian Genocide in Nigeria?

By Lela Gilbert 

How much do Westerners know about Nigeria? Do we recognize it as Africa’s largest nation? Are we aware of its considerable economic importance? Are Western Christians alert to the dangers faced by our fellow believers in Nigeria?   Granted, it’s a little challenging to learn about Nigeria’s woes because we have to search for reports. Sadly, they only appear randomly on Christian websites. But it’s increasingly conspicuous that with every passing week, violence and terror in Nigeria intensify.   In fact, at this very moment—another genocide against Christians is silently unfolding there.  
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‘The government is silent’: Muslim tribesmen kill Christian pastor and burn down school in Nigerian village

By Lawrence Zongo

Radical Muslim tribesmen killed four people on Tuesday including a Christian pastor, and burned down a town’s only school, during an attack in Central Nigeria.​ Abbah Yoki said he was the black-clad attackers’ first target as he left his room at about 7 a.m. Abbah said he saw 10 Fulani tribesmen split into three groups, and heard one give the order in the tribe’s dominant Hausa language for the rest to shoot.
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The Ignored Genocide of Christians in Nigeria
By Raymond Ibrahim

The mass slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, which some international observers have classified as genocide, is reaching unprecedented levels.  According to an August 4 report, at least 171 Christians were slaughtered by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in the space roughly three weeks:

"And these are only those we know of. In reality, the toll is likely to be far higher. Many thousands are also being displaced by the violence from homes and such livelihoods as they had left after covid lockdown brought economic havoc.... Our news desk has been swamped by such stories for many months, yet this relentless and bloody toll of Christian lives is disturbingly absent from wider mainstream media."

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Christians Killed in Ambushes in Two North-Central States in Nigeria

By Lydia Blaha

Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria decapitated two Christians in Benue state on Monday (April 13), and another group of herdsmen in Plateau state on Saturday (April 11) shot a Christian farmer dead, sources said. In Benue state, residents of Ologba village, Agatu County told Morning Star News that herdsmen ambushed two members of a Catholic church in the village at about 8 a.m. on Monday.   “Oche Alaade and his friend who had visited the village were traveling out of the village on their way back to Obagaji town where they reside when they were ambushed by the Fulani herdsmen and their heads cut off,” area resident Louis Oguche told Morning Star News in a text message. 
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Important New Report from Jubilee Campaign about Recent Deadly Attacks in Nigeria’s Kaduna State
By Lord Alton of Liverpool

Throughout one week in mid-May 2020, numerous Adara communities of southern Kaduna State, Nigeria, were relentlessly attacked by suspected Fulani militants , leading to the gruesome and untimely deaths of at least 23 Nigerian Christians and injuries of tens of others who sustained brutal injuries from guns and machetes.   Gonan Rogo village was the first to be ambushed on Monday, May 11, as a group of Fulani militants surged first into the home of Jonathan Yakubu, his wife, and the couple’s three young children, all of which were brutally hacked to death before the assailants ventured to other households in the village. Interestingly, non-militant Fulani individuals and families who lived in the community vacated their homes the night before the attacks, according to the Southern Kaduna People’s Union, suggesting that they were warned about the upcoming massacre.   Read More - click here

Nigeria’s Federal Government says Boko Haram now have “a deliberate policy of attacking Christians” 
By Lord Alton of Liverpool

This long overdue admission by the Nigerian Federal Government is welcome.   This week I have been meeting Nigerians from Muslim and Christian backgrounds . They shared their stories of Boko Haram’s barbarism.   Muslims have also been caught up in the violence but Mr. Mohammed is right when he says of Boko Haram :“They have started targeting Christians and Christian villages for a specific reason, which is to trigger a religious war and throw the nation into chaos.”   He said: “… they seem to now have a deliberate policy of attacking Christians” and that the killing of 11 Christians on Christmas Eve fits into the strategy.​ Read More - click here

Baroness Cox and Lord  Alton write to the International Criminal Court about the unfolding tragedy in Nigeria and the culture of impunity as the Nigerian authorities and the international community fail to act
By Lord Alton of Liverpool

Following a meeting with Mr Phakiso Mochochoko and the team working on the situation in Nigeria last week, and further to our previous correspondence (14 February; 25 June; 23 July) we write to draw your attention to a new report by UK-based Igbo Councillors, which cites evidence of escalating attacks against Christians and Igbo people (one of the three major tribes in Nigeria) in south-eastern states.  

One of the helpful and constructive outcomes of our meeting with your colleagues was the suggestion that we continue to send you authenticated information which, while not directly relevant to the specific cases which you are assessing, will be information which you will be able to examine in due course. What follows is certainly illustrative of the culture of impunity which we discussed. 

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Speaking today about the mass atrocities committed in Nigeria, David Alton said that the word “genocide” should never be used lightly …
By Lord Alton of Liverpool

He urged legislators to  ensure that all aid programmes to Nigeria are re-examined to ensure that money is not being siphoned off for illicit or corrupt purposes and is used to combat sectarian hatred and Jihadist terror, reaches  communities threatened by Jihadism and is used to provide opportunities for education, especially for girls. He said that legislators should urge their Parliaments to look at the facts as a groupmof UK parliamentarians recently did:   Read More - click here

Nigeria: Another Wave of Violence in Southern Kaduna State
By Lord Alton of Liverpool

At least 27 people were killed within a 24-hour period between 19 and 20 July in attacks by armed assailants of Fulani ethnicity on communities in southern Kaduna state.   On 20 July approximately nine people were killed and an unknown number were injured and displaced following an attack on Gora Gan village in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area (LGA) which occurred at around 7.00pm.        Read More - click here

Experts Form "Strategy Coalition to Protect Christians and Religious Pluralism in Sub-Sahara"

ISIS, Al-Qaeda & Others Pose Threat of Religious Genocide in Africa, Session Concludes at Ave Maria Law

NAPLES, Fla., March 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Following a surge in beheadings, abductions and other violent assaults by Islamic extremists targeting Catholic priests, Protestant ministers, and ordinary Christians in sub-Saharan Africa, 20 leading experts in international religious freedom convened a three-day emergency strategy session, March 5-7, on how to respond. It was held at Ave Maria School of Law in Naples, Florida.  
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Nigerians warn Parliamentarians that President Buhari is failing to curb a Genocide in the making and risks civil war and the breakup of the country …
By Lord Alton of Liverpool

Three stories published today illustrate why the disingenuous narrative that Nigeria’s violence is to be explained by global warming, rather than ideology, is perilously close to becoming fake news propaganda.​  Read More - click here

The US Knights of Columbus are to Report on Christian Persecution in Nigeria – following 60,000 Killings Over Last 20 Years.
By Lord Alton of Liverpool

The US Knights of Columbus are to Report on Christian Persecution in Nigeria – following 60,000 Killings Over Last 20 Years. Meanwhile, ominously, following a brave radio interview Dr Obadiah Mailafia  has been “invited” to the headquarters of Nigeria’s Department of State Services while a coalition of parties has begun legal proceedings aimed at bringing about the removal of Nigeria’s armed service chiefs due to the critical, comprehensive and continuing deterioration in the security situation,
Knights of Columbus to Report on Christian Persecution in Nigeria – 60,000 Killed Over Last 20 Years

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Africa’s Young Christian Communities Are Now in Islamic-Extremist Crosshairs
By Nina Shea (Nina Shea is a Board Member of TAS)

An ongoing Islamic extremist project to exterminate Christians in sub-Saharan Africa is even more brutal and more consequential for the Church than it is in the Middle East, the place where Christians suffered ISIS “genocide,” as the U.S. government officially designated. A growing number of these African countries are seeing the rise of ISIS- and al-Qaida affiliates, and non-state terrorists like them, who specifically target Christians in their quest to establish Islamist rule.  Read More - click here