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​​​2019 Events

We have some major celebrations and events planned for  2019, all of which will be available to our membership at a special rate.
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The Ides of March: BREXIT GETS REAL
It seems increasingly probable that the United Kingdom will leave the EU in March with no deal. While it's anybody's guess how tumultuous the impact will be, we will be conducting briefings that focus most especially on the realignment of the UK relationship with the United States. 

 We will be conducting briefings from a variety of perspectives and have invited TAS friend Nile Gardiner, Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, and an eloquent proponent for BREXIT as well as  Declan Ganley, trans-Atlantic entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been a strong "remain" advocate for their point of view. It will be interesting to learn from both of them how they view the outlook.

We will be seeking some "boots on the ground" accounts as the year progresses.

The Re-Set of Global Alliances in the post-Mattis Era
We are also planning a briefing from General James "Spider" Marks, well known to many as CNN's military "go to" person on US national security, on the new players at the Pentagon and the re-alignments in store for the NATO allies in the Trump Era.

The Global Rise of Religious Intolerance
Together with the Hudson Institute's Center for Religious Freedom, TAS has over the past three years conducted a series of symposia on the issue of Christian Genocide in the Middle East and the cultural impact of mass immigration in Europe, with speakers including Cardinal Dolan, Ambassador Ronald Lauder, Tristan Azjeb Secretary of State for Hungary. While our focus on the global risks will continue, we will also be exploring the issue of the rise of anti-Semitism across the globe and at home in a series of programs in Washington, DC and New York.

Churchill Birthday
Finally, our Churchill  Birthday Dinner will this year be a celebration of the Anglo-American experience and we will be honoring some outstanding Brits who have made a major contribution as American citizens to the life of our nation and New York - to echo Frank Sinatra, those who have chosen to "make it here" as well as in the UK..

Thank you again for your continued support of TAS and we look forward to seeing you at our various programs and events in 2019.