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Evening Panel: Cyber Security

 Apr 06, 2017 at 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM
Fee: $40.00
 UN Church Center - 10th floor
777 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Evening Cyber-Security Panel 
RCNY is holding an evening discussion panel focusing on Cyber Security. Our lead panelist will be: David Gibson, a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, There will be presentations by our panelists and an extensive question/answer period. 
Live streaming video of the Panel will be available at the time of the event -
click here

2017 Events

Thank you for your continued support of The Anglosphere Society and our concentration on the vital topics of today. 

June 28th - 7th Annual Winston Chruchill Dinner


Here are our three major priorities in the coming year: 

 1. Global Relations: The Re-Set in the Trump Era

We are very heartened by the change of tone towards the United Kingdom that we have heard from the Trump Administration and looking forward with great anticipation to the visit of Prime Minister Theresa May. It looks like we are at the front of the queue! 


To discuss this as well as the trade opportunities unleashed by this happy state of affairs, we will be hosting MEP Daniel Hannan on Monday, March 13th at a Reception and program on the topic of "The United Kingdom: The Front of the Queue in the Trump Era." 

In addition, in February, Professor Michael Reynolds of Princeton University will kick-off a series of discussions on the US/Russia & U.S/Turkey relations, as well as NATO. The latter discussion will be led by one of our revered military leaders and we will also be tackling the hot topic of cyber security.


      2.  The Veterans Trans-Atlantic Partnership 

As part of our ongoing commitment to our military on both sides of the pond, we will be spearheading programs - in collaboration with HRH Prince Harry's Walking With The Wounded - that support The Veterans Trans-Atlantic Partnership to help vulnerable veterans on both sides of the Atlantic, demonstrating the strong link between the UK and the US off the battlefield as well as on it. 

As a consequence of this, please note that the 
tentative date for the Winston Churchill Birthday Dinner is Thursday, November 9th.

3. The Coalition to Stop Christian Genocide 

Following the tremendous success of our ground-breaking December 5 Forum on The Crisis of Christians in the Middle East (covered by major U.S. and international media), we have been asked by His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan to lay the groundwork for a Christian/Jewish coalition which will be led by His Eminence and Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder. We anticipate programming throughout the year on issues related to this vital topic, as we continue to draw the world's attention to the persecution of Christians. More to follow!

Thank you for your continued support of The Anglosphere Society and our concentration on the vital topics of today. If you haven't already, kindly donate by clicking hereand accept our heartfelt thanks!

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