President Biden Must Oppose the Taliban’s Current and Future Crackdown on Human Rights
By Nina Shea (Nina Shea is a Board Member of TAS)

In last Monday’s speech on Afghanistan, President Biden made the claim, “I have been clear that human rights must be the center of our foreign policy, not the periphery.” He is right that basic human rights are central to America’s foreign policy, as a matter of law and core national values. This is in stark contrast to the CCP (the Chinese Communist Party), which has taken a recent interest in supporting the Taliban. Biden must lead in standing up for the rights of all Afghans, especially those in imminent peril.   Click here to read 

How to Contain the Taliban

By Lindsey Graham and Jack Keane

One of the most sweeping foreign-policy failures in American history has unfolded before our eyes. The Taliban has expanded its reign of terror, marching through provincial capitals and swallowing Afghanistan. The sad reality is that the Taliban is running the show and will surely provide a haven to a growing al Qaeda contingent. There is still time to help those who helped us and to limit the Taliban’s influence in Afghanistan, but we must act now.  Click here to read 

David Petraeus Reflects on the Afghan Debacle

By Tunku Varadarajan

As Americans despair over the Afghanistan catastrophe, few have more cause to take it personally than retired Gen. David Petraeus. Not only was he commander of U.S. and allied forces there for 13 months in 2010-11; his son and daughter-in-law both served there in the Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade. That involved an additional measure of personal sacrifice: During his command, he didn’t see his son to avoid making a target of the young man’s unit. Click here to read 

Mother Teresa’s Nuns Escape Kabul with Orphans and Show Us How to Live
By Kathryn Jean Lopez

​On the eve of the 111th birthday of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, five Missionaries of Charity arrived in Rome from Kabul with 14 disabled Afghan children. The sisters, members of the religious community Mother Teresa founded in 1950 and lived with until her death in 1997, have run an orphanage for children since 2006 in Afghanistan. It was Italy that got them out of the country as the Taliban has taken over.  Click here to read 

David Petraeus on American Mistakes in Afghanistan

By LIsaac Chotiner

The former general defends Afghan troops and blames the speed of the withdrawal for the government’s collapse.

​David Petraeus, the retired four-star Army general, served in the military for nearly four decades, eventually becoming the most famous and revered member of the armed forces during the war on terror and the war in Iraq. Known for developing a new theory of counter-insurgency, which emphasized winning the support of civilians rather than seizing territory, Petraeus was placed in charge of all troops in Iraq by President George W. Bush in 2007 and oversaw the so-called surge of forces meant to turn around a faltering war effort. In 2010, President Barack Obama, who had ordered a surge of troops in Afghanistan—a move opposed by then Vice-President Joe Biden—appointed General Petraeus the commander of forces in that country. Petraeus retired from the military the following year, and went on to serve as Obama’s C.I.A. director.    Click here to read 

Trapped and targeted by the Taliban: The Hazaras of Afghanistan​
By Lord Alton

Arise Trustee Lord Alton appeals for protection for the Hazaras - a Shia minority trapped in Afghanistan and targeted by the Taliban because of their faith.   

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